Double glazing new timber windows & doors

new_frame_and_sillWe also offer double glazing for new building construction.

Technical Notes

✓  18mm Insulating Glass Units can be glazed into 42mm timber section.
✓  26 Insulating Glass Units can be glazed into 56 mm timber section. (Available soon)
✓  Much cleaner internal and external sightlines due to the purposely designed self-adhesive wedge.
✓  Drainage system and back pressure work together to minimize water ingress and drain out moisture resulting in longevity of timber and Insulating Glass Units.
✓  Unique coextruded sill adapter provides platform for drainage, setting block, bottom bead location and support while santoprene backing fin prevents water ingress.
✓  15 degree sloped and slotted IGU compatible silicone glazing blocks securely lock into sill adapter.
✓  Suitable for both factory and site glazing.
✓  Significant reduction in glazing time over traditional timber glazing techniques.
✓  Eliminates the need for wet glazing compounds, tapes and silicones.
✓  Frames can be transported as soon as glazed – no curing times.
✓  Extra high Wind Zone water penetration test requirement
✓  Sloped drainage system for new timber joinery
✓  Dry glazing system
✓  Designed to suit 18mm double glazed units
✓  Self adhesive tape
✓  Complete glazing system, including rubber seals, sloped glazing blocks, drainage adapter and beading

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