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For existing wooden windows, Energy Efficient, Retain Character & Reduce Noise.
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The Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System creates a unique patented dry glazing system for timber windows and doors for your home.

The patented Thermawood Double Glazing system is designed to drain any moisture from the rebate around your double glazing to create longevity of your double glazing and peace of mind that your double glazing will last a long time. Double glazing involves adding an insulated glass unit with the option of argon gas between the two-glass panes, providing excellent protection for any home or commercial property. The systems are designed to fit any wooden joinery and can be used in many ways that suit both your property and lifestyle.

The goal of Thermawood is to keep your home comfortable, especially during the colder & hotter seasons & to reduce noise. Our Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing lets in as much sunlight as single glazing systems yet can remain substantially warmer and cooler because of its excellent heat retention qualities. With Thermawood’s Double Glazing, you have a valuable addition to your property that helps you save money on monthly energy costs. If you need thermal or acoustic solutions for your home, talk to our team of double glazing installers today and request a quote.

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Double Glazing

Single glazed windows only use one glass panel. With double glazing, you’ll need two panels of glass hermetically sealed to create an insulated glass unit (IGU). The two panels are separated by a spacer, between 6mm to 18mm, and can then filled with Argon Gas for better insulation. This technology helps dramatically increase the insulating power of a window, preserving cool temperatures in the summer and reducing heat loss in the winter.

The Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System is the only system that ensures quality without altering the original appearance and character of your property. Designed for timber joinery, the Thermawood Retrofit system is ideal for your home’s windows and doors.

To keep you comfortable in all weather conditions, the Retrofit Double Glazing System fights both heat loss and gain. The patented system also encourages optimal drainage, minimises glare, decreases fading, greatly reduces external noise and enhances overall safety and security.


Energy Efficient

Thermawoods Double Glazing Systems can keep your home cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter.

Retain Character

By Retro-Fitting your existing timber window frames.

Reduce Noise

Thermawoods Double Glazing System reduces external noise substantially.

Draught Seals

By installing draught seals into your existing frames.

Low E Glass for Maximum Effect

The IGU units can use any type of glass.

Reduce Condensation

By Retro-Fitting Thermawoods Patented Double Glazing System.

Good for the Environment

Thermawoods Double Glazing System drastically reduces your energy requirements.


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Thermawood’s Success

For years, Thermawood has worked tirelessly to achieve success in the industry. We currently have established franchisees in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia and expect to gain more partners throughout Australia in the coming years.

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Australian Franchise Opportunities

If you’re searching for a viable investment, join us. Thermawood is a growing business model that wishes to provide opportunities for aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs. We are now seeking expressions of interest for Thermawood franchise opportunities in all states of Australia. For more information about starting a Thermawood franchise, feel free to contact us today.

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