Who We Are

Mission Statement

Retrofit New Zealand Limited (Thermawood) is the industry leader installing double glazing into timber frames and specialise in retrofitting existing timber joinery. We aim to continually improve our performance through gathering information on how we can encourage and utilise sustainable practices in order to ensure a better future tomorrow by saving energy today.

Thermawood are continually developing new products to keep us at the forefront as the industry leaders and innovators.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are fully committed to sustainability in all our operations. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between manufacturers of sustainable building solutions. We strive to improve our world by supplying innovative, natural and effective timber double glazing solutions that are not only viable in the long term but also able to assist with reducing energy consumption while maximising the level of thermo-comfort for New Zealanders and Australians at work, home or play.

We operate as an organisation focused on providing our clients and the wider community with responsible, cost effective timber retrofitting solutions. Long term sustainability, as well as the cost saving benefits of lowering consumption and utilising efficient double glazing is practised by Thermawood on a daily basis.

Building Strong Partnerships

We are committed to working with our strategic partners and the communities we engage with to promote efficient and environmentally sustainable lifestyle choices. Communication, accountability and social responsibility between stakeholders is of paramount importance at Thermawood and can be seen in our continued efforts to provide as much information and advice where possible.

At all times our approach is sustainable, environmentally aware and proficient. We have recently started to develop a number of strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations who share our vision for providing sustainable and environmentally beneficial products and services. Our choice in suppliers for key components of our system reflects this

Above all, we endeavour to continually improve our system and business performance through on-going research and development.

Environmental Strategy

Sustainability Policy

The four focus areas of our environmental strategy are:

Product design – Eco innovation

his involves a constant search for materials and technology that ensures a competitive edge. Our retrofit system is made from 100% recyclable and reusable materials.

Supply Chain Management

We recognise the vital role our suppliers play in the production process of our system. That is why we have chosen supply companies that share our views and goals.

Product Stewardship

End of life management is important to Thermawood. We aim to manage our products to minimize waste and ensure economic and environmental significance.

Stakeholder Communications

We strive to have clear and open communication flows within and outside of the organization.

Key Goals, Commitments and Accountability

Accountability, social responsibility and our environmental strategy ensure that at all times at Thermawood we strive to:

  • Enjoy life
  • Maximise the efficient use of all resources
  • Share our knowledge of sustainable choices with the community
  • Engage with our stakeholders to improve the efficiency and sustainability performance of our system
  • Maintain successful retention and development of our intellectual knowledge. We believe in teaching and working with staff to strive for optimal performance, efficiency and sustainability
  • Enhanceour processes and systems both internally and externally
  • Carry out on-going development and maintenance of high standards of ethical and ecologically sensitive business practices at all times
  • Establish and achieve sustainable performance targets
  • Minimise waste and environmental impact through reuse and recycling
  • Never knowingly purchase products or services that are sourced either directly or indirectly from companies that exploit child labour
  • Comply with the Health & Safety Act 1992 and subsequent amendments
  • Engage with our clients and suppliers to improve the efficiency and sustainability performance of our manufacturing and supply of world-class energy solutions.

Our Project

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is something that can be subtle and quite often, go unnoticed. According to the Ministry for the Environment (2011), while most of the air in New Zealand and Australia is clean and healthy to breathe, there are some places where air pollution and the quality of air available affects our health and enjoyment of the environment. The World Health Organisation recommends that the optimal indoor temperature for good health should be between 18ºC and 21ºC for vulnerable groups such as young children. A desirable IAQ will ensure that is will not cause or aggravate illness in building occupants while also securing a suitable level of thermo-comfort.

In 2012, began a research project in partnership with Unitec Institute of Technology to improve the indoor air quality of a local school as well as to promote education about sustainable lifestyle choices. Thermawood would like to thank DVS Healthy Home Group for their support in the Puni school project.

We have installed our system in one classroom (classroom A) and we have another classroom (classroom B) which acts as a control measure. We are actively measuring and surveying the differences between classroom A and classroom B. Upon installation of the system, immediate changes in comfort and temperature were noticed by users (both teachers and students). The ability for students to breathe easier and perform better at mental tasks is affected by changes in temperature. A recent study in Canada found that absenteeism was reduced in schools by 20% as the relative humidity in the facilities was increased from 22% to 35% (Ministry of Education, retrieved December 2011).

Work with Thermawood today and invest in responsible, efficient and valuable additions to your property.