double glazing benefits

Energy Efficient

Cooling (or heating) of your home can be more efficiently achieved through our quality double glazing. This will save on your power bills.

Retain Character

By Retro-Fitting Thermawood Double glazing into your existing windows you can retain the character of your original windows without having to replace the whole window.

Reduce Noise

By choosing different glass types Thermawood can reduce the noise from outside significantly, your Thermawood Franchisee with discuss this with you and price your windows accordingly.

Draft Seals

Installing draft seals into your existing frames will not only reduce drafts but also reduce noise, your Thermawood Franchisee can advise you of the best solution when the complete an assessment of your windows.

Low E Glass for Maximum Effect

The IGU units can use any type of glass however, for maximum effect we recommend using Low E (low Emissivity) Glass and Argon gas in the IGU. This will dramatically improve warmth and reduce energy costs by significant amounts when compared to a standard glass unit. The Low E glass has a high performance transparent coating that drastically reduces heat transfer inside and out.

Thermawood Reduces Condensation

Thermawood Retro-fit Double Glazing remains substantially warmer than single glazing. Therefore, condensation is dramatically reduced. Condensation forms when warm air containing moisture meets a cold surface cold enough for dew point to be reached. Double Glazing enables a thermal barrier to form between your home interior and the cold outdoors.

Good for the Environment

Double Glazing can reduce your energy consumption, saving money and assisting in saving energy contributing to a healthier nation. Many older homes use a much greater amount of energy to both heat and cool due to poor insulation qualities. Double Glazing can substantially reduce the overall costs by retaining heat during winter and cooler during summer, making your home much more energy efficient and creating a much healthier environment for your family.