From trains, road traffic, and aircraft to neighbors and dogs, noise pollution comes in many forms and typically penetrates a home or building through its windows. In residential areas, these noises affect a family’s comfort level, health, and even a home’s property value. In commercial locations, noise pollution disturbs an employee’s concentration, reducing his productivity and work efficiency.

Whether you’re living along the busy streets of Melbourne or have an incessantly noisy neighbor living next to your home, soundproofing your windows is a reliable way to buffer noise and regain comfort.

For many years, Thermawood’s retrofit double glazing system has offered an effective noise reduction for windows. Designed to reduce noise pollution leaks and maximise acoustic air cavity, Thermawood Retro Fit Double Glazing guarantees a suitable level of comfort.

For maximum acoustic insulation for homes and buildings in Melbourne, nothing comes close to Thermawood Retro Fit Double Glazed windows.

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