Today’s modern and mechanised world is so full of noise that many of us wish we could have a moment of silence even just for a couple of hours.

More than ever, we hope to build a refuge–a haven, so to speak–where we can unwind and escape from the stresses and pressures of everyday life in peace. However, the overwhelming array of noise sources everywhere we go makes that dream quite impossible to achieve.

But don’t lose hope just yet!

While we can’t completely silence outside noises, there is a way to manage and prevent them from interfering with our lives without needing to go off the grid.

Double Glazing as an Acoustic Insulation

Windows are great conductors of noise. So if you want a serene and peaceful home living, you have to start dealing with home improvements.

Standard, single glazed windows won’t stop outside noises from entering your home, but double glazed units will. Beyond ceasing heat transfer, studies reveal that retrofitting double glazed units into existing windows using the Thermawood system can make a home 25 percent to 50 percent quieter.

How exactly does double glazing work?

With a purpose of ensuring that no sound from the outside world will penetrate your home, double glazed windows were designed with secure fittings and laminated glass panes to prevent reverberations and gaps in the frames.

Unlike single glazed windows, a double glazed window has two panes of thick glass that are separated by a gas or air pocket. The gap and two glass sheet combo helps reduce the amount of noise that seeps into a home. Simply put, the thicker the glass and the greater the gap, the more efficient is the window at insulating acoustics.

Is there any other option?

Well, there is. If you are on a shoestring budget, secondary glazing may fit the bill. Secondary glazing is the process of fitting another window frame into your original frame design, creating an added noise barrier.

Keep in mind, though, that this alternative may not be as effective as double glazing to reduce the heinous noise pollution that’s keeping you awake at night. Double glazed windows are costly for a good reason: they are tailor made and, therefore, will provide the best acoustic insulation possible.

Besides, double glazing does more than just insulate outside noise or eliminate thermal issues. They also add value to a home as they are far more elegant-looking than secondary glazing units. They can also solve your home’s problem with condensation and mold, as well as help minimise your carbon footprint and reduce energy costs.

In short, if you are seeking a total and holistic solution to noise pollution and have the budget for it, then use double glazing. Properly designed and installed, retro fit double glazed windows can certainly provide more than an excellent soundproofing solution for your home.