Window Retrofit System for Commercial Buildings

Thermal window performance for existing commercial façades

The RENOVATE system is a lower-cost alternative to a complete window rip-out and replacement with minimal disruption to existing tenants. The system maintains the look of an existing exterior building façade and provides significant energy savings.

Renovate by Thermawood converts existing single-pane Facade into energy- efficient, insulated glass units (IGUs)

Building energy savings

Want to make your dollar go further? Green systems and materials reduce energy consumption, which in turn reduce your energy bills. They also increase asset value and profits and decrease marketing time, making your dollar go further for longer.

Thermal & UV stability

Achieve a comfortable internal climate organically without the need for heating and cooling systems working overtime to preserve a comfortable environment for tenants.

Noise reduction

Provide your tenants a quieter atmosphere in which to work. Noise reduction improved by increasing the STC rating – in single-glazed openings – from 30 to 37 with the Renovate System installed.

The Process

Step 1

We validate existing façade strength and weather tightness.

Step 2

The new glazing specification is designed for your needs – whether thermal, noise, security, or all three.

Step 3

Installed after hours, no need for tenants to vacate.

A patented spacer system hermetically seals the insulating glass unit to the interior surface of the existing glass

System Features

• Low E Coatings and Acoustic options available

• 10-year material warranty

• 2-year labor warranty

• Warm edge spacer technology

• Custom-colored trim to match building aesthetics

• Installation by Certified Installers rip-out and replacement

Trusted & Licensed Installer

Meets the NZ Building Code (E2)

Available New Zealand & Australia-wide

Installed by licensed contractors nationwide

System Benefits

• 20 to 25%, on average, building energy savings • Significantly lower cost than a complete window.

• Improved tenant comfort

• Minimal disruption to tenants

• Sound reduction

• Permanent installation

• No additional cleaning maintenance

• Tax credits may be available