Retrofit Double Glazing Sydney

Thermawoods Master Franchise for New South Wales is based in Sydney with Franchises throughout the State. Double glazing existing wooden windows and doors in Sydney and NSW has never been as easy, affordable and effective as right now.

Fit Thermawood retrofit double glazing and draught seals.

Energy efficient, retain character and reduce noise.

Thermawoods unique retrofit double glazing system is a patented dry glazing solution that is only available through Thermawood franchises. With the ability to customise a double glazing solution for each individual timber window in your home without having to rip out those beautiful timber window frames. You can now retain 100% of the character of your home while enjoying all of the benefits of new double glazed windows at a fraction of the cost.

For all general enquiries
in NSW contact:

PIETRO COTINO (NSW Master Franchise)
Phone: 0488 300 150
Address: Unit 3/176 South Creek Road, Cromer, 2099, NSW

Retrofit Double Glazing In Sydney

The New South Wales property landscape is made up of a large range of architectural styles featuring beautiful wooden windows. Victorian Terrace Homes with classic double hung timber windows predominantly constructed in the 1860 to 1880 era right through the decades to modern times.

Victorian (1860 -1880)
Italianate (1870 – 1890)
Boom Style (1875 -1890)
Federation/Queen Anne (1895 -1915)
Edwardian (1900 -1915)
Californian Bungalow (1920’s)
Art Deco (1930’s)
Double and triple fronted brick veneer (1960 – 1980)

It is with all of these beautifully constructed homes that the strong demand for a double glazing solution that revolves not only around sustainability and longevity but maintaining aesthetics, heritage and the original functionality. With Thermawood now the likes of double hung windows can operate as they were when brand new and last for many decades more.

We service the state of New South Wales with the most advanced double glazing system for existing timber windows.